Bowls News - Bingara

Published on 22 November 2021

Social Bowls

There were six players for social bowls last Wednesday. Barbara Lemin, Kerry O’Bryan and John Robinson defeated Judy O’Bryan, Graeme Mack and Allister Lemin, 13 shots to 5.  

Col Moore Mixed Triples

Round 6 of the Col Moore Mixed Triples was called off due to the rain on Saturday.

UPCOMING EVENT: Bingara Bowls Club 70th Birthday

The Bingara Bowling Club is having its 70th birthday this Saturday. All games will start at 10:00am. Contact Stuart Dixon, Ben Mack and Allister Lemin for more details.

Barney’s Day

On Saturday 4 December the Galvin family and the Sporting Club host Barney’s Day to help raise money for cancer research. Tennis, golf and bowls sections will all run on the day, with bowling to commence at 5:30pm.

Wednesday 24 November - Social Bowls – 6:00pm

Saturday 27 November - Bingara Bowling Club Birthday - 10:00am

Wednesday 1 December - Social Bowls – 6:00pm 

Friday 3 December - Barefoot Bowls – 6:00pm

Saturday 4 December - Barney’s Day - 5:30pm              

Duty team - Col Roberg, Mervyn Galvin and Stuart Dixon.