About Us

About the Gwydir Shire

Gwydir Shire is located on the northwestern slopes and plains of NSW, approximately 560 kilometres north of Sydney, 160 kilometres north of Tamworth, 430km southwest of Brisbane, 85 kilometres west of Inverell and 80 kilometres east of Moree. Incorporating an area of 9,122 square kilometres, the Shire extends from the Nandewar Range in the south, north to close to the NSW-Queensland border.

The Shire has two small towns - Bingara and Warialda, 5 rural villages – North Star, Croppa Creek, Coolatai, Gravesend and Upper Horton and 21 rural localities – Boonal, Blue Nobby, Yallaroi, Crooble, Pallamallawa (part) Balfours Peak, Warialda Rail, Gineroi, Bangheet, Riverview, Elcombe, Pallal, Rocky Creek, Back Creek, Cobbadah, Gundamulda, Dinoga, Gulf Creek, Upper Bingara, Keera and Copeton.

Agriculture is the primary land use and economic activity of the Shire. Cattle and Sheep production are the main activities, along with broadacre cropping. At 2021 Census, the Shire had a population of 4,910.

Mission Statement

Our Vision

To be the recognised leader in Local Government through continuous learning and sustainability.

Our Mission

To ensure that the Council’s long term role is viable and sustainable by meeting the needs of our residents in a responsible caring way, attract sustainable development while maintaining the traditional rural values, character and culture of our people.

Statement of Values

1        For Our Community and Visitors

We will provide a safe, clean and healthy environment in which all people have the opportunity to participate in, and share in the Council’s services and facilities.

2      For Our Community Committees

We will seek their opinion in relation to the services in which they assist us, offer relevant and timely support, and recognise their valuable contribution.

3       For Our Staff

We will create an atmosphere of team support, which encourages frank and honest communication, and the use of common sense and innovation in a safe and friendly working environment with the aim of efficiency.

4       For Our Councillors

We will treat all Councillors equally and ensure that they are provided with accurate and timely advice and expect that they will treat each other and the staff with due respect.