The Living Classroom


The Living Classroom is turning 150 hectares of little used town common into a food production wonderland. Combining agricultural activities with horticulture, aquaculture and forestry, the Living Classroom is focused on quality food and the links between soil health, plant health, animal health and human health.

The site is for the casual visitor and for those who wish to learn, a beautiful place to wander around, soak up nature, be inspired, or to ‘get down and dirty’. Bingara is utilising The Living Classroom to become a ‘closed loop’ community – self-sufficient in food and recycling all compostable waste (including treated sewage). The project is a model for regeneration of agriculture and for rural communities. It will enable the town of Bingara to prosper in a rapidly changing world.

Contact on site Council Officer:
Rick Hutton
1A Narrabri Road
Locked Bag 5
Bingara NSW 2402
Tel: 02 6724 1771 | Mob: 0438 355 197

Facility bookings only:
Jen Mead, Tourist Officer
Gwydir Shire Council
Bingara Visitor Information Centre
Tel: 02 6724 0066 | Mob: 0400 826 551