Learn to Drive Program

The Gwydir Learning Region (GLR) offers a “Learn to Drive” program. Our senior instructor, Kingsley Grills, is experienced in teaching new drivers in the safe use of vehicles, from small sedans through to ‘big rigs’.

If you are a beginner driver or you need to learn the skills required for safe driving on country roads then the GLR “Learn to Drive” experience is for you. If you have had some “family driving time” but could do with some extra help before taking your first driving test, the GLR “Learn to Drive” experience is for you.

A great gift for a loved one is to help make them a better driver. Why not consider a set of GLR “Learn to Drive” lessons. Lessons are $55 each. Each lasts for a minimum of one hour and, if you purchase five lessons, the sixth one is FREE!!!

Driving lessons with a Licensed Driving Instructor - 3 for 1. For every one hour structured driving lesson you complete with a licensed Driving Instructor, you can record three hours driving experience in your Log Book. A maximum of 10 hours of lessons will be accepted and recorded as 30 hours driving experience.

This doesn’t mean that driving lessons with an instructor are compulsory, or that you should stop having lessons once you reach the 10 hour limit if you feel you’d benefit from more lessons.

Driving lessons at night (between sunset and sunrise) count for only one hour of night driving. The other two hours are added to your day driving hours.

LOG IT! – Be sure to record these sessions in your Structured Lesson Record Keeper log book.

To book in for your GLR “Learn to Drive” lessons contact the instructor, Kingsley Grills on 0417 320 354 or the GLR Training CEO, Clarissa Barwick on 0429 290 100.

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