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Camping at Warialda

Cranky Rock Recreation Reserve

Approximately 10 minutes East of Warialda on the Cranky Rock Road. Phone: (02) 67 290 046 or for further information please visit the Cranky Rock Reserve Webpage.

Camping at Bingara

There is an area upstream of town. You don't need to book for this area (along the Keera Road or Copeton Dam Road but not on Keera Station) which is located approximately 26kms from town, where you can camp – this area is approximately 3kms to 8kms east of town. There are no facilities just free form bush camping. Contact Bingara Visitor Information Centre Phone: 02 6724 0066 or Email:

**Please be aware there are no facilities at these river camps, they are classed as primitive camp sites and not maintained.

 *** PLEASE NOTE: Due to water releases from Copeton Dam (upstream) the river level can change over a short period of time. A rise of ½ metre over a couple of days is not uncommon. When you are camping or driving along any tracks near the river – use caution. If water is over the track DO NOT PROCEED, even with a 4WD vehicle it can be dangerous.

There are two camping areas within the town limits, one off White Street on the northern edge of town and the other area is off Faithfull Street. There are no facilities at these areas, just free form bush camping.

Short term Parking - Gwydir Oval (this is OVERNIGHT ONLY for EMERGENCY or MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN situations) this is on the asphalt car park area but NOT on the Oval area, as it is the Town’s sporting oval.

Camping at Upper Bingara

Three Creeks Gold Mine

You will need to contact the mine manager for this area. Camping is also available at the Mine, located 25kms south east of Bingara off the Barraba Road (15kms) onto the Upper Bingara Road. Phone: 02 6783 2224 or Email:

Camping at Copeton Dam

Copeton Waters State Park is approximately 55kms upstream of Bingara. Phone: 02 6723 6269 or Email:

Camping at Rocky Creek Glacial Area

The Rocky Creek Glacial Area is not Gwydir Shire Council land but comes under the Livestock Health and Pest Authority (former Rural Lands Protection Board) and it is a travelling stock reserve.