Grazing Permits


If you wish to graze your stock on the roadside you need to obtain concurrence from the Council as the owner of the road. To do this you will need to do three things.

1. Return a completed copy of an Application for Concurrence to Graze Stock on Public Roads(PDF, 181KB) with a copy of your Public Liability Insurance Policy with a minimum of $20 Million to cover the activity of public roadside grazing to Council. Council will forward this to the North West Local Lands Services (NWLLS). 

2. Apply to the NWLLS for a permit to graze stock on Council’s roads.

3. Pay the NWLLS fees. 

If you do not comply with the process or conditions, penalties may apply.

In order for Council to support your application to the NWLLS for a permit to graze stock on Council’s roads, the following conditions are to be included in permits issued by the NWLLS, in addition to the standard conditions required by the NWLLS. The Applicant must comply with following conditions and provide the following information to Council:

  1. The grazing is permitted only along the frontage of the Applicant’s property, Or;
  2. If the Applicant is not the adjoining owner, that it be a condition of the permission to graze a road reserve, that the person requesting grazing rights receive the written consent of the adjoining owners.
  3. Concurrence will be issued for period of one calendar (1) month.
  4. Stock is only permitted to be grazed during daylight hours.
  5. A capable and competent person is to be present at all times, unless an electric fence (that complies with the Local Land Services Standard) is erected to contain stock off the road surface.
  6. Prescribed signs are erected and placed in prominent positions to enable road users to be warned of the grazing activities, and that the signs are to be removed at the end of the permit period.
  7. Any fencing is to be removed within one calendar (1) month from the end of the concurrence period.
  8. The Applicant must hold a Public Liability Insurance Policy with a minimum of $20 Million to cover this activity, and that a copy must be provided to Council prior to the granting of the concurrence.