Gwydir Shire Council Financial Hardship Payment Support

Published on 07 November 2022


The COVID-19 pandemic, plague, bushfire and flood have created tough times for many, and Gwydir Shire Council recognises there are increasing cases of genuine financial hardship, which require respect and empathy.

Council is committed to the fair, equitable and compassionate treatment of ratepayers and customers facing hardship when recovering outstanding debts and is now offering an early assistance arrangement to help those in need manage debt and avoid legal action.

In the coming weeks, those with outstanding debts will receive a letter and follow-up phone call from Recoupa, a discrete third-party early intervention agency, who will assess individual situations and develop a manageable and personalised payment plan.

The diagram below outlines the new debt collection process.


For more information, please contact Council's Finance team on (02) 6724 2000

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