Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R)

Gwydir Shire Council’s suite of Integrated Planning and Reporting documents has been prepared in line with the NSW Government’s framework requirements. The framework recognises that the Council’s plans and policies should not exist in isolation and that they are in fact connected and incorporate the priorities of the community.

These priorities have been shaped by our consultation with the Gwydir Shire community resulting in five key themes:

  • A healthy and cohesive community (Social);
  • Building the business base (Economy);
  • An environmentally responsible shire (Environment); and
  • Proactive regional and local leadership (Organisation)

A final focus area – Governance – has been introduced to accommodate the community aspiration of future sustainability of Gwydir Shire Council.  These themes provide the framework into which the Delivery Program priorities and Operational Plan activities have been incorporated.

Community Engagement Strategy

Community engagement is at the heart of local government. It helps communities to be active participants in shaping their own future and play a part in positive change. Council have a vital role to play in opening opportunities for community members to be involved in the strategic planning process. The Community Engagement Strategy supports the development of all plans, policies, programs and key activities and provides the community with a guide as to how and when council will invite them to participate in the planning and decision making process for relevant activities.

Community Strategic Plan

The Community Strategy Plan describes the community’s vision and aspirations for a period of ten of or more years. This is the community’s plan for its future.

Delivery Program and Operational Plan

The Delivery program is a four year plan that turns the strategic goals found in the Community Strategic Plan into actions. It is the point where a council makes a commitment to the Community Strategic Plan, and acts upon those issues that are within its area of responsibility and resources.

The Operational Plan is a one year plan that spells out the detail of the Delivery Program, identifying the individual projects and activities that will be undertaken in a specific financial year to achieve the commitments made in the four year Delivery Program.

Gwydir Shire Council’s 2023-2024 Operational Plan identifies priority projects and activities that will be delivered to the community. These activities will be reported on a quarterly basis over the next twelve month period. 

The operational activities included in this plan are aimed at progressing the implementation of the 2022–2026 Delivery Program and more broadly the 2017-2027 Community Strategic Plan - reviewed in 2022.

Resourcing Strategy

The Resourcing Strategy consists of three inter-related elements:

  • Long-Term Financial Planning
  • Asset Management Planning
  • Workforce Planning

The Resourcing Strategy makes clear what elements of the Community Strategic Plan the Council will take responsibility for. Other levels of government, business, non-government organisations, community groups and individuals will also have a role in achieving the outcomes of the Community Strategic Plan.