Off Leash Areas


Off Leash Area

The following conditions apply:

Dogs are permitted off leash between sunrise and sunset only.

Dogs must be microchipped and registered.

Dogs are to be accompanied and supervised.

Dogs must be able to be controlled without a leash.

Dog owners / controllers MUST immediately remove all dog faeces that may be deposited by the dog under their control.

Dogs MUST NOT be encouraged to attack. The dog owner is liable under legislation if the dog attacks a person or animal.

Dogs that are declared dangerous dogs are prohibited.

This area is patrolled. There are penalties for non compliance.

Dog owners / controllers MUST immediately remove all dog faeces that is deposited by a dog under their control.

Penalties Apply s 20(1) Companion Animals Act 1998

Dogs defecating in public place

(1)  If a dog defecates in a public place—

(a)  the owner of the dog, or

(b)  if the owner is not present at the relevant time and another person who is of or above the age of 16 years is in charge of the dog at that time—that other person,

must immediately remove the dog’s faeces and properly dispose of them.

Maximum penalty—8 penalty units.


There are two off leash dog exercise areas in Bingara.

All Nations Hill

Located at the southern end of Hill Street Bingara (fenced).

Bicentennial Park/Part River Common

The park is located on the corner of East Street and White Street Bingara.

The River Common dog exercise area is located from Campbell's Bridge extending down stream to the White Street entrance to the River Common.

This site is currently unfenced.



There is one off leash dog exercise area in Gravesend (fenced).

Located on Gwydir Street opposite Gravesend Public School.



There is one off leash dog exercise area in Warialda with another being developed in the near future at Captain Cook Park.

Triangle Park
Located adjacent to Nicolson Oval on Long Street Warialda (fenced).