Lost and Found Animals

Lost An Animal

When cats and dogs are impounded and cannot be immediately returned to their owners, they are impounded and looked after until the owner can be contacted.

If an impounded dog or cat is microchipped, we will house the animal at the pound for 14 days while we try to contact you. If the animal is not microchipped, Council will house the animal for seven days.

Ranger Services will endeavour to contact owners of identified and registered animals as soon possible.

If your animal has gone missing, please contact the Rangers on 02 6724 2000 within normal business hours. Please be prepared to provide staff with the microchip number, description of your dog as well as the date and location it went missing.

Collecting your pet from the Pound

If your pet has been impounded, here are some important points you should be aware of.

• Your pet can be released from the pound upon presentation of appropriate ID and proof that you are the owner, or authorisation from the owner.

• Your dog or cat cannot be released unless it has been microchipped and registered (pound staff can do this for you).

• Companion animals, by law, are only kept at the pound for the statutory period (7 days for an unidentified animal,14 days for an identified animal). After this time, animals may be sold, rehomed or euthanased as appropriate.

• There are some fees applicable that need to be paid prior to the animal's release. These fees are charged on a daily basis so you should act quickly.

Found An Animal

Reporting wandering/stray dogs quickly will assist the Rangers to locate and collect them and reunite them with their owners. Rangers are continuously patrolling the Gwydir Shire area, however picking them up from a known location is easier. If you are able to contain the dog in a safe manner, the Ranger will be able pick the dog up from there.

If you find a dead animal

If you find a dead animal on public property this can be reported to us and we can remove them, however these animals cannot be recovered by the owners. We don't remove animals from private properties; you will need to contact your local vet for assistance.