Barking Dogs

Nuisance Dog Noise

In most nuisance dog cases, all that is required is for someone from the Council to explain to the dog owner that there is problem. Often, the dog owners are not aware that there is a problem and are more than willing to act once it is brought to their attention.

In other instances they will refuse to accept the validity of the complaint. In order to address the concerns in a timely and equitable manner for all parties, further information is required:

The Diary

Prior to the matter being investigated complainants will be requested to complete a seven day diary giving times and duration of barking. It is suggested that you and two other people who are affected by the noise complete the diaries. Council requires precise information regarding the barking problem. Guidelines for filling out the diary are printed on it.

If your diary is not forwarded to us, or if it is not complete, we will not take any action. This is because we need a minimum standard of evidence to prove a case to a Court if need be and your evidence is crucial.

So what happens from here?

Once you and other affected persons have filled out the diaries, send them in to Council.

We will then visit the dog owner and advise them about the problem. We will also show them the diaries that indicate the times when their pet is a problem (Your name and address will not be on the copies).

We will give some advice about what can be done about the problem, and make contact again seven days after our first visit to see what action is intended. We will also contact you at this point and let you know the situation.

If the owner does not resolve the situation, consideration will be given to legal proceedings utilising your evidence to resolve the situation.

Once completed return the completed diary along with those completed by another affected persons to:

The General Manager
Attention: Ranger Services
Gwydir Shire Council
Locked Bag 5
Bingara NSW 2404


Contact Gwydir Shire Council’s Ranger Services
Phone: 02 6724 2000