Bingara EPA Licence Monitoring Data

Bingara Sewerage Treatment Plant, Bandalong Street, Bingara NSW 2404 
Licence 586 - Sewerage treatment by small plants

The objectives of this licence are to: 

a. prevent as far as practicable sewage overflows and sewage treatment plant bypasses;

b. require proper and efficient management of the system to minimise harm to the environment and public health;

c. and require practical measures to be taken to protect the environment and public health from sewage overflows and sewage treatment plant effluent.

Data required under the licence are published in PDF format, and include licence details, monitoring points, pollutants and units of measure, monitoring frequency, limits imposed by the licence, any other relevant conditions imposed by the licence, and dates of sampling, data acquisition and publication

The full license for the Bingara Sewage Treatment Works (EPL # 586) is available from the  EPA Website.