The NSW Electoral Commission has been advised by the Minister for Local Government of the intention to amend the Local Government regulations to reduce the period for pre-poll voting at the September 2024 NSW Local Government elections from 11 days to 6 days. With the trend in the number of pre-poll voters increasing (from 19 per cent at the 2019 State election, 25 per cent at the 2021 NSW Local Government elections and 29 per cent at the 2023 NSW State election), we are currently projecting that pre-poll voting may exceed 30 per cent for the elections in September. For this reason, additional pre-poll venues will be needed in some areas to prevent overcrowding.  

To ensure that eligible electors have the opportunity to early vote on a Saturday, pre-poll voting will open on Saturday, 7 September in all areas. The usual eligibility criteria will apply for those electors wishing to vote early.